Dr. John Ayudtud, Man of God In The New Millennium

JOHN AYUDTUD, The man of God’s answers in the new millennium.

Who is this John Ayudtud? What was his experience with God when he was just an infant? Why did God allow him to come to the United States at the age of 30 years old? Why did God allow seemingly evil things to take place in his life? Why did God bring him to San Jose, California and appeared to him there? Why did he become an ambassador for peace to Israel in 2003? Why is he doing the WMGA programs now? What is the real heart and purpose of life for John Ayudtud?

John Ayudtud, also called Bishop John, or, Dr. John, is very confident that he is the worldwide man of God’s answers in the new millennium. From the lowly place of Sicpao, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur, where he was born, to traveling to many countries in the world and conducting business lectures and inspiring thousands of people, he has no doubt in his heart that the hand of God is upon him in the new millennium. One observer of him said: “It is really evident of his transformation that he is a man with a new mission…” Indeed, John Ayudtud is called of God to do a purpose- and that purpose is to bring a change to the Philippines and to the world.

In our recent interview, Bishop John said that God made him live through a sickness when he was an infant because God was going to raise him up in these “last days.” “I was going to die, and in desperation, my mother prayed in a loud voice and lifted me up on both of her hands and said: ‘God, if you will let my baby live, I will give him to your service.’ And God revived me, miraculously. Why? The only answer to that is He chose me at that very moment to bring a message of hope and deliverance and change in the new millennium.”

At the age of 30 years old, John Ayudtud came to the United States. That very day, of June 24, 1983, he was taken by his host to a restaurant in San Bernardino, California and the waiters gathered around their table and sang Happy Birthday to you. Dr. John signifies this that Jesus Christ started his ministry at the age of 30.

“At age 30, God brought me to the United States in order to set me up for a worldwide ministry,” Bishop John declared.

Then, on January of 2001, the beginning of the new millennium, Jesus Christ appeared to him while he was lying down getting ready to go to sleep. It startled him a little bit to see Jesus Christ standing tall by his bedside. He spoke with clear and distinct voice… “YOU MUST GIVE THE FOOD TO PEOPLE… YOU MUST SHOW THE PEOPLE HOW TO PROSPER… YOU MUST GIVE MONEY TO THOSE WHO NEED MONEY…” When he asked the Lord Jesus Christ why he had to do these things, he got the answer as: “BECAUSE YOU ARE MY MAN…”

That evening Bishop John did not go to sleep the rest of the night. He got so excited after the Lord Jesus Christ disappeared into the darkness of the evening. He exclaimed: “The Lord just appeared to me, and I cannot believe it, and He said that I am the man of God in the new millennium!” That very evening he coined the word, WMGA, which stands for: The Worldwide Man Of God’s Answers.

Shortly after that, the ministry of Bishop John turned 180 degrees. The next three years were formative years for him, so he told us in our interview. “I would be driving and the Holy Spirit would get a hold of me and I would just shake violently. He would tell me things that I have not learned from the Bible. He told me that He is the God of the world, not the devil. The devil is only god of darkness and of ignorance. The world, the earth, and all the people here, belong to God. He told me that He is not the God of the dead but of the living, and that He is no longer the God of the old testament, nor of the New testament. They are all gone. They do not exist anymore. God does things right now in the present, and He is the God of the manufacturing world, the entertainment world, the business world, the education world, and He said that people are simply trapped by pastors and leaders of religion. He said that what religious leaders are telling the people are not His words.”

Dr. John Ayudtud is simply brutal in his speaking when he would talk about people being trapped in religion. He says: “God is not religious, He does not pray, He does not come to church, He does not read the Bible… He is simply the God of life, the God of the world, the God of the present. Religion is a trap.”

Bishop John is very different in his teachings. He would say that it is not God’s will for people to get to close to God, so to speak. It is only the will of the pastor. God wants people to discover the world, and not religion. God wants people to discover life in the world. The world was created by God for people, so people must discover the world. But religious preachers are deceiving many people by saying that the world is an evil place, and that the devil is the God of the world. Bishop John teaches otherwise. The devil does not exist literally, he is a spirit that only exists in the mind, in ignorance, and in darkness. God owns everything, and so everything belongs to him. People should prosper in the world. God said that people should work and labor for six days, and only one day to God, and if they do this they will prosper. But religious people got this reversed, they say six days to God and one day for them. And God says: “That is not going to work. You will become poor if you do this. My plan is for you to labor for six days for your prosperity, and only one day for me.”

Bishop John believes that the religious leaders are fooling many people by telling them that heaven is a better place. The world is already a better place. But religion used reverential fear and it traps so many people with this fear.

Talking to Dr. John Ayudtud is not easy, because there are things that he mentions that are simply not Bible-based, but he would quickly reply that life is not Bible-based but present-based, good-based, and development-based.

When it comes to talking about the Bible being the word of God, Bishop John would say, you must ask God about this. Because He never said that the Bible is his words. It is only people that are in religion who tell the world that the Bible is God’s words. Perhaps, God might say a different answer.

Wow!!! No wonder why so many people are not ready to hear the JASE Lectures of John Ayudtud.

But for his followers, they all believe that he has God’s approval in the new millennium.

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